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Explore our journey from inception to innovation. Our company timeline captures key milestones, breakthroughs, and significant events that have shaped our growth and success.

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Our Dream Team

Welcome to the heart of our organization! Our team is a blend of creativity, experience, and enthusiasm, all working together to achieve common goals.

Dan Vencu

Dan Vencu

A visionary expert with 30+ years in tech, playing key roles in mobile technology, global projects, and cloud innovation. As the Founder of Reshape AI, he is dedicated to business transformation and enhancing collaboration.
Janett Sarfert

Janett Sarfert

As a seasoned People Management expert, our HR Director is a proven and energetic force in driving process efficiency, compliance, and operational excellence across Europe. Her focused leadership has been key in reshaping HR practices.
Jessica Harcourt

Jessica Harcourt

A seasoned Operations Manager, she's a catalyst in our company, turning visions into reality. Known for making things work seamlessly, her ingenuity, vast experience, and rainmaker ability make her an irreplaceable asset, guiding us to success.
Antony Haslett

Antony Haslett

As our Business Development Manager, Antony brings a wealth of sales, B2B, and marketing experience spanning over 3 decades. His deep industry knowledge and strategic acumen make him an essential asset in propelling Reshape AI forward.
Lion Hummer

Lion Hummer

An esteemed R&D Manager renowned for driving digital transformation through innovative solution design. Lion's expertise in emerging tech trends underpins his commitment to optimizing and future-proofing digital landscapes.
Alex Vencu

Alex Vencu

An experienced Software Developer with expertise in EDM tools for document creation, Alex is passionate about innovation, particularly in computer vision. He's committed to exploring new frontiers and contributing to cutting-edge solutions.


AI Development: Cutting-Edge Solutions for You

Our team of expert developers harnesses the latest in artificial intelligence technology to create innovative and efficient systems that can transform your business. From automating complex processes to enhancing user experiences, our AI-driven approaches are designed with your success in mind. Explore our offerings to discover how we can help you stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field.

Efficient Document Management

Streamline operations with AI-driven solutions for document classification, extraction, adaptable content distribution, and efficient migration from legacy systems.

Enhanced Workforce Efficiency

Integrate our Virtual Workforce Solutions with your teams for diverse task execution, allowing human resources to focus on complex challenges.

Strategic Social Media Engagement

Utilize our Social Media Amplifier for content recommendation and strategy alignment with your brand's goals, maximizing impact and audience connection.


Grow Your Business Within Few Month

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Pricing Plans

Whether you’re just getting started, growing your business, or need full enterprise functionality, we offer tailored plans to fit your needs. Explore the features, benefits, and pricing details below to find the perfect plan for you.


Single Use
for 30 days then £9.99 per month
Secured Cloud Environment
100k Premium Credits/Month
1 Million Regular Credits/Month
Up to 10k Document Pages/Day


up to 10 users
£ 39 99
per user per month
Business-Secured Cloud Environment
Sharing Project Resources
2 AI Driven Virtual Developers
Free Jira Environment
200k Premium Credits/User/Month
2 Million Regular Credits/User/Month
Cloud-Based Shared Output Folder
5 Million Document Pages/Month


up to 100 users
£ 799 99
per month
Business-Secured Cloud Environment
VPN Access for Intranet Services
Sharing Project Resources
10 AI-Driven Virtual Workers
Jira Environment Setup
200K Premium Credits/User/Month
2 Million Regular Credits/User/Month
Sensitive Data Protection
Custom Cloud-Based Output Folders
Unlimited Document Pages/Month


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