Inbound - Intelligent Document Processing


We’re thrilled to introduce you to our cutting-edge Inbound Module, where seamless document processing meets intelligence. This module has been meticulously designed to elevate your workflow, bringing efficiency and precision to every document handling task. This is what true Intelligent Document Processing looks like.

  • Advanced OCR Technology

    Unleash the power of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to effortlessly extract information from documents. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures accuracy and speed, saving you valuable time.

  • Machine Learning Algorithms

    The Inbound Module is driven by intelligent machine learning algorithms that adapt and improve over time. Experience document processing that becomes more precise with every interaction.

  • Conversational Interface

    No need for manuals. In line with our platform an all other modules - engage in a conversation with our intuitive interface, making the Inbound Module accessible to all team members without any training hurdles.

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Conversational User Interface

Say goodbye to complex programming tasks and seamlessly extract valuable data from documents with just a conversation, making the entire process intuitive and accessible to users of all skill levels.

Extraction by Definition and Context

Revolutionizing document data extraction, our innovative module sets itself apart by utilizing human-readable definitions for data extraction and classification instead of rigid positions, fixed anchors, or labels.

Work with Unstructured and Dirty Data in any Language

Breaking language barriers, our inbound module stands out by seamlessly working with multiple languages. Embrace a tool that understands the diverse linguistic landscape, making it a versatile solution for global users. Forget the headache of cleaning up messy or unstructured data – our tool thrives in the face of complexity, extracting valuable insights even from the most challenging datasets. 


Data Transformation, Integration and AI Companion


Process Design, Execution and Monitoring


Intelligent Document Processing, Classification and Extraction

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