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Forms management is the practice of creating, distributing, completing, evaluating, and automating forms. We believe that digitalization of forms is best deployed following a logical process, with a focus on optimal return on investment and risk reduction. This is achieved by enhancing your current systems, processes, and capabilities – not replacing them.

Forms Management Maturity

We know forms are not going to disappear in the foreseeable future – neither should they, and we also recognize that organizations are at various different stages of what we call the forms’ management maturity scale. However, we believe that every organization can increase efficiency even further, without the need to replace their whole architecture. Depending on the stages below, we will tackle the low-hanging fruit first and our products simply integrate into your existing architecture – no need to replace what you already have.


You have probably heavily invested in the creation of forms that capture the information that is needed. However, in most cases, the extraction of data still happens manually. Deployment of a capture is an ideal starting point in most organizations.

Our Inbound Solution identifies the type of document, and extracts/transforms data to a digital format. In addition, it is very likely that Reshape AI can replace legacy systems at a fraction of the cost of current system support and maintenance fees.


OCR and Intelligent Document Processing have been buzzwords for years, so some organizations already have their data extracted and automatically stored in a database or other system. Automating the process is the logical next step.

We offer a “next generation” workflow automation solution.  Conversational input allows users to create or modify process workflows in minutes by simply describing the process in conversation language.  While some solutions support only linear flows, Reshape AI supports branching at any step in a flow.  


You have invested in the creation of forms that provide the information that is needed.  The best path to capturing that information digitally vs through documents is to create a corresponding web form.  This allows the same data to be introduced into the same workflow as data extracted from documents. 

Our Forms’ module enables real time validation of data, supports required fields, etc., reducing related downstream cost and effort. It further allows the automatic conversion of PDFs to web forms based on your document in minutes. 


If your organization is at a stage where PDF forms and back-office processes are fully automated and forms are, in addition, provided as web forms, we think it is time to look at improving customer experience and introducing new channels for data gathering.

Our Agent is an AI “virtual team member” that can be very easily configured and deployed for a variety of cases of use. Customers can “fill out” data through a conversation with them. Either through text (chat) or speech (phone).


Organizations at this stage are far ahead of the curve and can look at cost optimizations. ReshapeAI provides a comprehensive solution set that provides digitalization and automation for all document-centric processes.  Each component of the suite can be deployed individually.  Configuration is driven by normal conversational input.  No coding, no complex drag and drop interface.

Take a look at those and more advantages below.

Configuration is driven by normal conversational input.  No coding, no complex drag and drop interface.  Simply describe what is desired, and Reshape AI will do the rest.  No training is required and if a user needs assistance, the solution will provide guidance.

Experience unprecedented speed and agility with automatic creation of definitions in mere seconds, minimizing setup time and maximizing productivity from the outset.

Our SaaS Platform offers segregated environments for each customer - helping you stay compliant. All our modules and AI models run on-premise as well.

Having the usage of AI limited to certain tasks and functions allows To Reshape AI to keep a trace of what was done and why the AI performed certain steps the way it did. This helps your organization to keep in line with regulations.

Our products are charged on a usage basis. No high annual fees or up-front costs. The no-code approach significantly reduces project times and lowers the barrier to entry.


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