Transform Documents Forms Conversations | to Structured Data

Manual data entry from unstructured documents is prone to errors and inefficiencies. Empower your business users to automate any incoming document, form or email. No coding required.

We are AI-Driven Cloud-Based No-Code |

Conversational Intelligence

Engage in a new era of interaction with our conversational interface.

Business User Empowerment

Place control in the hands of your business users - no IT team needed.


Our modules run in our safe cloud-based environment or on premise.

Legacy System Transformation

Migrate from outdated systems with our fast and cost-effective solutions.

Inbound Module

Specify the data that needs to be extracted.

Our inbound module effortlessly classifies, analyses and extracts data from documents. 

Flow Module

Define the next steps for your data and documents.

Our flow module comes with a powerful
business workflow designer to automate
business processes.


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