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Organizations feel the pressure to keep up with AI trends, but questions about safeguards are still floating out there. Reshape AI enables your organization to use AI in a safe environment.

Reshape AI enables you to have your solutions hosted on our or your own cloud. We have partnered with most cloud providers, to ensure a smooth experience. But all our modules also run on-premise. Either way - your organization will always have a segregated environment. Out of reach from other companies. Learn more about your infrastructure choice.

Our AI usage is not a black-box. The way Reshape AI utilizes Artificial Intelligence is by using definitions for data extraction, document or process definitions and such. And the conversational UI can only utilize functions that we allow. This ensures that the result will always be accurate and repeatable.

Having the usage of AI limited to certain tasks and functions allows To Reshape AI to keep a trace of what was done and why the AI performed certain steps the way it did. This helps your organization to keep in line with regulations.

Reshape AI doesn't look your organization to a certain LLM model or model vendor. Our propietary middle layer ensures that our platform is truly agnostic to any models. This way, you can always choose the fastest, cheapest or safest option.

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