🤖 Meet your newest team member! Everything you need to know about digital workers.

In our day-to-day lives, there is an abundance of mundane tasks. Think about customer interactions, appointment scheduling, and claims, invoice or order processing. Rigid legacy systems made it hard to automate these tasks – but what if you had a digital worker, powered by AI, that can understand human language (or languages for that matter) and context? 

The Rise of Digital Workers

Digital workers are intelligent software entities programmed to perform a variety of tasks autonomously, mimicking human actions within digital systems. Unlike their human counterparts, they operate tirelessly around the clock, executing tasks with precision and efficiency. Whether it’s handling repetitive administrative duties, processing vast amounts of data, or managing customer inquiries, digital workers excel in streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

Still hiring humans? Have a Look at the Benefits of Digital Workers.

By “employing” digital workers, you can free up your human workers for work that really matters. But not only that, digital workers come with a range of benefits:

Start with your Customer Communication!

As we discussed before, customers start to expect higher levels of personalization and 24/7 availability through any channel. Digital workers can be easily deployed to understand and respond to customer inquiries in real-time, ensuring a quick and satisfying resolution.

Reshape AI has provided Agents for a range of use-cases, from clarifications for health insurance policy questions to the automatic creation of insurance quotes. Our adaptive communication platform offers you the tools to add functionality such as the extraction of data from documents, the creation of documents or forms, and integration with third party systems in a controlled manner. Flow, our workflow automation module, ensures that workflows are accurate and auditable – so our Agent never goes rogue. Communicate through voice or text, in any language.

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